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Banks are refunding Packaged Bank Account fees

In the first 6 months 2014 we reclaimed more than £600,000 in packaged bank account fees alone!

Packaged bank accounts were known as “premium accounts” for which you paid a monthly fee in exchange for extra benefits. Get your full refund of all fees paid with an additional 8% compensatory interest.

Have You Ever Paid A Monthly Fee For Your Bank Account?

Mis-sold packaged bank accounts refer to a bundle of services offered by banks sold as an all-inclusive banking solution. These packaged accounts often included things like insurance policies, breakdown cover, financial advice and sometimes, personal and concierge services.

Typical Packaged Bank Account Claims We’ve Dealt With Averagely Gained £2,400

We will get you a full refund on all the fees you have had to pay with an additional 8% compensatory interest on top. Our largest pay out has been £3,800!

Can You Make A Reclaim For Your Packaged Bank Account?

  • Was your account upgraded for added perks?
  • Did the packaged bank account include an insurance policy you didn’t need?
  • Were you prevented from cancelling the account at any given time?
  • Were you offered a free bank account as an alternative to the chargeable one?

Popular Packaged Bank Accounts Include:

  • RBS Select Silver Account
  • RBS Select Platinum Account
  • RBS Royalties Gold
  • RBS Black Account
  • RBS uFirst
  • RBS uFirstGold
  • HSBC Passport
  • HSBC Bank Account Pay Monthly
  • HSBC Premier Account
  • NatWest Select Silver Account
  • NatWest Select Platinum Account
  • NatWest Advantage Gold
  • NatWest Black Account
  • Privilege Current Account
  • Privilege Premier Current Account
  • Privilege Current Account
  • Privilege Premier Current Account
  • 1st Account with First Directory
  • Nationwide Flexi Account
  • Lloyds TSB Select Account
  • Lloyds TSB Silver Account
  • Lloyds TSB Gold Account
  • Lloyds TSB Platinum Account
  • Lloyds TSB Premier Account
  • 1st Account with First Direct
  • Barclays Additions
  • Barclays Additions Active
  • Barclays Additions Plus
  • Barclays Current Account Plus
  • Barclays Home Pack
  • Barclays Travel Pack
  • Barclays Travel Pack Plus
  • Barclays Premier
  • Barclays NatWest Vantage

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Our simple Step by Step process for Packaged Bank Accounts


Get in touch with us about bank accounts with a monthly fee

Our claims managers will find out if you can reclaim mis-sold bank fees by asking you some questions about your bank account.


You’ll receive a claims pack

If eligible to make a claim, you will get a claims pack in the post. Fill in the blank spaces and send it back to us.


Our solicitors review your case individually

Your mis-sold packaged bank account case will be reviewed and submitted to your claims manager.

Not just Your Typical Claims Management Company

We have helped our customers claim more than £30 million in mis-sold payment protection insurance, packaged bank accounts and delayed flights claims. Our friendly claims managers will be here to guide you through the steps from start to finish.

  • Proud To Be Regulated

    Not many claims companies can boast that they are fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This makes our standards of professional conduct much higher than the rest.

  • You Can Trust Us

    We will communicate with you to let you know what’s going on at all times. Experienced solicitors supervise all of our work, so you can have peace of mind.

  • We Value Customer Service

    A named claims manager will deal with your claim as they evaluate it on an individual basis. We also monitor calls and efficiency to measure the level of service you receive.

  • Our Wealth Of Experience

    We’ve successfully helped more than 27,000 customers make a reclaim. Our qualified claims managers make your reclaim hassle free.

How we charge for financial product claims

We will undertake your claim on a no win-no fee arrangement. If successful our fee will be 25% plus VAT of the total amount recovered.

For example:

If the total amount recovered is £1000 our fee will be £250 plus VAT.
VAT is 20% of £250 = £50
Total fee payable to us is £300

See full details on how we charge here

We can also help you with the following:

Did you know Reclaim can assess you for more than just Mis-Sold Packaged Bank Accounts? Our friendly claims managers are on hand to give you the best direction for all your compensation needs. Reclaim have handled over 27,000 cases, which includes delayed flight claims and PPI claims. Below we go into detail about our other services.

Missold PPI

Payment Protection Insurance was given on loans, mortgages, car finance, store cards, credit cards and other credit repayments. If you’ve paid insurance you didn’t want or need, get in touch with us. We have reclaimed £30,000,000 in Payment Protection Insurance and counting!

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Delayed Flights

If you were delayed for more than 3 hours in the last 6 years, Reclaim can help you claim compensation from the airline. We will make sure your rights are defended.

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